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Charbel Michel Ibrahim


M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist
OPQ : 61252-15


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As a marriage and family therapist in Montreal, member of the OTSTCFQ and director of the Institut Therapeía, I support couples and families in their process of change, helping them to identify their needs, expectations, emotions and behaviours. I also promote the development of relational skills, such as communication, negotiation, respect and trust.

As a psychotherapist in Montreal, registered with the Registres des psychothérapeutes I offer a professional service aimed at helping people with psychological, emotional or relational problems. I establish a relationship of trust with the client and use current methods and techniques recognized by science and adapted to the client's situation.

Having trained as a counsellor at the Université de Sherbrooke and being sensitive to psychological needs of vulnerable people, I want to support them by strengthening their personal and family resources to help them cope with difficulties and reduce the risk of psychological such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress.

Charbel Ibrahim,
M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist in Montreal

Civil marriage according to the law of Quebec

We can celebrate your civil wedding and crown your love and commitment
to each other according to the civil law of the province of Quebec.
We draw inspiration from your passions and values to create the ceremony.

Our Services

Psychotherapy in Montreal

Psychotherapy enables clients to understand the causes of their problems, modify their thoughts, emotions and behaviours, develop their personal resources and regain their well-being. Psychotherapy can take place in person, by telephone or online.

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Single-session therapy in Montreal

Single-session therapy is for anyone who is short of time and would like to achieve a single goal in a single session that could last from 60 to 120 minutes. It's a complete therapy session that respects the rules, standards and art of psychotherapy. By following a specific and strategic protocol, the client goes home with a sense of hope, saying: "I feel better after this session".

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Marriage, couple and family therapy in Montreal

Communication difficulties, the presence of conflict, lack of intimacy or affection, feelings of jealousy, difficulties with infidelity or sex life, and changing life milestones all require a therapeutic consultation to set a common goal and work together to achieve it.

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Sensorimotor psychotherapy

Here are some of the benefits of this psychotherapy: reduction of pain (emotional and physical) related to trauma and attachment wounds; post-traumatic stress symptoms; anxiety disorder symptoms. Improved ability to regulate emotions such as anger, fear or sadness; more fulfilling relationships and intimacy; ability to set boundaries; integration of dissociated parts; better overall sense of being more in tune with oneself.

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In order to get to know you better and build a relationship of support, an initial assessment is necessary. This will enable us to draw up an initial plan for practical care and the co-construction of an objective to be achieved.

Couple therapy plays a significant role in the lives of partners involved in a relationship. It aims to help them resolve conflicts, improve communication, clarify expectations and make informed decisions about their future, so they can lead fulfilling, sustainable lives.

Family therapy enables us to deal with relationship problems in depth and resolve them in a lasting way. It encourages emotional expression and validation among family members. It aims to improve communication, bonding and collaboration between family members, taking into account their context and history.

According to the results of the assessment, 3 types of therapies are offered in these cases:
• Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
• Flash technique
• Brainspotting, or Brief Therapy to Overcome Obstacles

Counseling is a form of psychological support designed to help people cope with difficult situations. As marriage and family counsellors, we support the ill person and their loved ones in accepting diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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